Mini me


  I wonder how many times a week all of you get mad at your kids for doing bad things. Awful and teeth gritting things. The things you do and have taught them. Here are some fun things I have passed down to my daughter.

*Leaving socks on the floor and/or not matched in the laundry

* Not putting a dirty dish or cup in the sink from the table before going to play or watch TV

*eye rolling

*Screaming due to tiredness/crankyness and no real reason

*leaving caps off of markers, pens and highlighters

*not thinking before speaking

*giving ultimatums and not following through

*Giving two choices and hearing your child pick the other “you better walk or I’ll carry you!” Oh damn, she chose carry.

*not refilling the toilet paper when its all used up

*saying dammit (or worse)

* lying to get off a phone or away from someone (but that could be useful)

*walking over to the fridge and staring into it. With no real commitment to any object in it. (I do that a lot)

*stashing candy.

*laughing when I am angry. (I can’t help but laugh when she is livid because its so dang cute).

*saying No.

I think there are a million more things I have taught my child that I in return hate when she does. I’m sure many of you are guilty as charged. Anyone else totally see themselves in their child’s mistakes?