Steady heartbeats

Nothing ever made more sense
Than to imagine the leaves blow
To feel the rush in the wind
And let all my worries go

Nothing ever felt more right
Than dreaming of the seas
Thinking of a better place
Of where I’m meant to be

Tossing and turning in my sleep
I was pressed for time
And eager to leave
Muffling out the noises of screams
As she sank deeper and heavier
Into disease

Clock was ticking
Night was falling
And the footsteps got lighter
As she fell to her knees
My escape was drawing nearer
My anticipation peaked

Shuffling through the darkened hall
Finding ways to cheat the creaks
Hoping my heartbeat would silence
Enough to tame the beast
Holding breathe and streaming tears
Almost found the light

And just like rebirth
Out of the cage
The pavement led me
Far away
Knowing anywhere is
Safe to hide
Rather to be alone
Than stuck inside

Fly away doll
Fly far away from home
She can no longer hurt you
Your out on your own.



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