The juggle act

  These past two weeks of kindergarten and college life have been crazy! Juggling work, school and being a parent is by no means an easy thing to do. It requires my full energy and attention to all my assignments, scheduling exams and doing homework for myself and with my daughter. We are both thoroughly exhausted.
  So far my daughter loves school. She gets up and ready with no fights and loves taking the bus to and from school. We have a good time doing homework. She loves her teacher and her class. All is right in the world for her. I, on the other hand, am tired and limp. My laptop is broken and in need of a funeral so I have been relying on other forms of technology. I am thankful for caffeine and for vitamins. Even with talking care of my apartment and meals, I feel like I balance life better than most students around me. I seem to manage my time and my plans accordingly. My only worries at the end of the week revolve around how many hours of sleep I will get.

    I am really in love with my courses this semester. I cram three classes in a row twice a week and four days of work for about six hour shifts. I also am taking my first night class, psychology of reproduction. I do not know how students function taking night classes and sleeping in late. I think being forced to take early classes has helped me enjoy my days a bit more. Having off from 4pm on gives me the time to get things done still before dinner and bedtime.

  I now count down the time until I can go to bed. As my peers all talk about their weekend plans of partying, getting wasted off pumpkin beers and going to the city– I daydream of getting into bed alone under my cozy comforter. Drinking hot cocoa and taking a hot shower sounds amazing to me. All I want to do on a Friday night is lay in bed with a good movie and my daughter. I’ll pass on the vomit, trains and overly expensive greasy foods.

  I won’t be getting to blog as much as I hoped this semester. My assignments are due so close together and I have a lot of readings. However I always look forward to fall semesters. January is great for relaxing and rejuvinating but summer is just too lon to go without essays and chapter books. Its just too long with no stimulation or challenges. Often in the summer breaks I will write on my own or read some books in my field of study to stay alert on current events and famous writers.

  I am submitting my first article for the school newspaper soon. Aside from my laptop being broken I was able to finish my report on a friends computer. I feel like I am finally getting the swing of things at my university. I know a lot of faculty and made friends with many students in my major. I do well in my courses and love all of my assignments. Finally I have decided to join something on campus and participate like I used to. Since my daughter was 8 months old, I went into community college and juggled everything alone. I was taking five or six classes at a time while involved as well in multiple school organizations. O established my own organization for parenting students and even wrote for the school newspaper in a parenting column. Everything was just perfect to me.
   Upon coming to a University, I felt like a goldfish in an ocean. I finally feel like I am comfortable with where I am at. I am so thankful I stayed in school and found a way to live on my own. I have autonomy. Strength. Determination to accomplish all of my goals. I feel like no one has control over me or say over what I do with my life. I have come such a long way that I don’t even know the girl I once was. I probably wouldn’t even recognize her anymore.

  Change is a good thing. To be able to handle change is a difficult task that requires an ability to constantly reinvent ones self. You are not who you once were. With every phase of life comes new knowledge and inspiration to evolve. What you do with those opportunities of change is up to you.

  I might be slow with my writing over the next few weeks but I want to talk about motherhood and feminism much deeper. Seeing other blogs in the last month has inspired me to reach out about topics that affect my every day life. I also love applying my major to my life and what lessons I teach myself through experiences.

  For now, I’ll be falling asleep as I do my homework. Good night to me. Thank god its almost Friday!




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