The dorm fairy

    Today something spectacular happened to brighten up my dreary week. I got a visit from the dorm fairy. It could be karma, stroke of good luck (which doesn’t happen often) or maybe praying actually does work fast. Whatever the case may be, I had a pleasant surprise. When I went to go pick up my fall semester textbooks at the bookstore, I also found out I had a lot of extra financial aid money which could now (its changed) be used for ANYTHING in the book store or campus mart.


             Yay textbooks!!! Aka my life

  I browsed through the campus mart for odds and ends, only to find out that it now carried grocery items and toiletries. I was probably the only weirdo in the store with my pink jeep stroller, attempting to pile foods, tampons and as much office supplies as I could humanly juggle. You have no idea how hard it is to wheel a stroller through a college campus let alone a college bookstore, with isles not made for stroller tires. My daughter was annoyed and not feeling well, but she managed to perk up when I told her to pick something special out that we don’t normally buy. I figured, heck, since its all Paid for, let’s both pick a treat out. We obviously have two very different ideas of something special. She’s a funny girl.



   Bella decided her heart was set on cocoa puffs. Something we NEVER ever buy. I got a key lanyard that’s zebra print with my school name on it. We both have such cool lives.
     After rading every isle, I clumsily dropped a billion objects while doing a balancing act on the stroller awning. Luckily a book store worker came to my rescue with a basket (duh). He watched as I picked out nearly half the snack isle (hey, free kindergarten snacks) and asked if I have a car or need help. He clearly has never seen any hulk moms, carrying twelve grocery bags up two flights of stairs to avoid a second trip!

   I was able to get over twenty items and spent around $100 and change. I still even have a balance left of aid to buy more in the future (holy crap). Though the store is so overpriced ($12.99 for my lanyard and $5.99 for her dumb cereal), I was able to get a very decent amount of home things and healthy snacks. The store even had milk and yogurt!!! Holy crap.




  I scored four chobani, some pita chips and pop smart popcorn chips. I found chips that look like pita but are made from lentils (no idea that existed). We grabbed Welch’s fruit snacks, white cheddar cheese its, pretzels and veggie chips. Fruit cups, apple sauce and some yummy nut health bars. All in all, I am a lucky girl.

     I was able together one of my ideas from a previous post having to do with lunch and organization. I made a snack tub and rearranged our snack cupboard for her kindergarten snacks so it will be easily accessible to us both. The Tupperware I found was super cheap just has a snaplid which I put underneath for keeping. I chose the brand for a very comical reason. It had   my daughters name on it!!!!



    This semester, Bella will have lots of healthy and delicious snacks to take to school. I hope I can keep making foods and snacks like the ones I have found and blogged about. I will have to have a cooking weekend to make some of the recipes I have.

   Whenever you are having a super crappy week and think it won’t get better, just pray to the dorm fairy. It worked for me! 🙂




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