Ten reasons why being a single parent is awesome!


1. I do not have to share my child with anyone.

2. I get to choose the religious values she has until she is old enough to make up her own mind.

3. There is no sharing of holidays (or traditions for those holidays). Which means I can choose what she should believe in ( santa, tooth fairy, easter bunny).

4. I don’t have to fight with a mother in law on how to raise my daughter! ( A lot of you may be jealous of this one).

5. What I say goes. There is no second opinions or rule breaking when I’m head honcho.

6. I get two holidays! I have renamed mother’s and father’s day as “Parent day”. It just isn’t fair to families that have no father around or no mother around. And what about same sex couples? Single parents deserve a woohooo! Without being reminded there is another half missing.

7. I get to watch/idolize shows like Gilmore girls as an inspiration towards my relationship with my daughter.

8. If I want to plan a trip somewhere or spend my money on something for myself or my daughter—- I can! No permission, no checking with someone else, no rules but my own.

9. Having no grandparents or father around for my child is not a sorry case. Against popular judgement– I see this all as a blessing. I remind my child constantly that families come in all shapes and sizes. She has an open mind and appreciation for people who matter over people who are just related by blood.

10. My favorite reason that I love being a single mom is that I can change the way people perceive it. Being a one parent family can actually be wonderful. Its not the absence of others that we focus on. Its what we DO have. What we enjoy in each other. And what we are able to accomplish inspite of not being a cookie cutter family.



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