“My very own little, round rug.”

    Over the last few weeks I have been pinteresting ideas to spruce up my daughters little living space in our dorm apartment. As it is, we share a room that gives very little privacy or options for either of us. She is five and a half now, on the edge between baby and little girl. I knew princesses and Dora would not satisfy her forever. I wanted her new space to represent her personality but also be inspirational and functional. So I pinned ideas, went shopping at Michael’s and got to work!
    My first idea was to put her toddler bed up against the wall like a day bed. It helps give kids space to play and move around with a daybed. So I got her a little floor rug, which matches the whole theme and serves its purpose. I also decided to get simple sheets and a very ultra soft pink throw blanket. I found a very nice one at home goods for $5.00 on clearance. The kind that is all fur and meant, as the cashier said, to “be thrown at the edge of a bed to look elegant”. I smiled and nodded but what I really thought was “Um lady, this blanket is the softest thing I have ever felt in my life and its five bucks. My kid will cuddle with that shit, not stare at it on the edge of her feet”.  I also got together frames and wood cut outs from Michaels clearance which resembled the fancy ones from pottery barn kids and pinterest little girls bedrooms ideas. It was a success.
    After having time to paint for a few days and create, I was able to rearrange her room side and put all my ideas into action. Of course, I am not allowed to have anything screwed in or a fire hazard. I also cannot have curtains, hooks or coat hanger racks made of wood. Or shelves. Or hanging material mesh like the ones that hang from a loop on the ceiling to create a bug net affect( they are weird looking anyways). I was limited.



    I took forever picking out themes and colors but finally landed on a collage idea with pastels and horses of course. So I painted up frames and canvases to be hung with some office supply pushpins. No rule about that. And tiny holes. I’m a genius. All in all it came out great. While my daughter played in the living room, I got everything settled. I was excited to see the end result and thriller I got every idea I wanted from my pinned ideas to the room!




     I chose to play with different shapes and objects so it wouldn’t be so neat and aligned. The supplies cost about $18.00 total. Paint and all. I was able to buy a hanging wood mirror which I painted and made into a necklace and headband holder. I also made a hanging hair clip frame above it. My canvas idea worked out great except for the hanging them up part. I hammered my finger only once though. That was a plus.



    I thought it would be totally cool to use the spot by her closet as a get ready area. Although I still help her get stressed and ready in the mornings, it helps to have clothing laid out and options minimal. Ever try having a preschool choose something? Yeah. Could be a nightmare. So I found a great idea on Facebook and utilized the push pins (broke a few though while hammering. Cracked the damn plastic).   


  This was probably my favorite idea of all.”What will I wear?”  Of course I wanted a frame and nice hand writing.
But then I remembered she is five and doesn’t give a crap what form I use.
  Finally I made up her bed with sheets and her cuddle blanket. Threw down the round rug and stepped back for a final glance. I don’t have a before image but one can imagine what lurks under a kids bed and the walls just had some princess decals and a puzzle hanging.
Finally I called her in to see.


   Yup. Just what everyone expected.

“Omgosh. Mommy. My very own little, round rug!”

     So two hours of setup, many days of planning and about fourty dollars in total- my daughter loves her new rug. 🙂

Kids are funny-aren’t they?



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